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  • Why are some fields mandatory?

    Some fields are necessary for filters to work properly.
    It helps buyers to efficiently order all classifieds, and prevent sellers from disappearing under a never ending list of classifieds.
    Globally, we recommend to fill in every field: they are likely to answer the questions potential buyers will ask eventually.

  • I can’t find a category that fits my good.

    You can post your listing in the “Other” category.

  • What is the listing title for, it doesn’t show?

    The title is used to identify this listing among your other ones, and to display which of your listing are the messages you receive related to.

  • How does the “brand new” box work?

    Ticking the “brand new” box in the filters of a search will only display results about brand new goods.
    Tick the “band new” box while posting a listing to identify your good as brand new.

  • How do I format text in my listing?

    In the banner of the “Detailed description” of the listing, you will see a small arrow pointing down: click it and other options will open, among which a text editor.

  • How do I put a video in my listing?

    In the banner of the “Detailed description” of the listing, you will see a small arrow pointing down: click it and other options will open, among which a YouTube editor, used to add embedded YouTube videos.
    You can also add HTML and hyperlinks.

  • What is the maximum resolution for pictures/videos?

    There are no restrictions to your photos resolution, but the ideal size is 660 x 440.
    Videos are hosted on YouTube, so the bigger the longer to stream.

  • What is the expiration date of a listing?

    The expiration date of the listing is the latest day your listing will show on Aozora website.
    If your good isn’t sold past that time, you would probably need to reconsider your offer to seduce a buyer.
    At any moment, you can edit your listing, or re-open a classified who has expired.

  • How do I edit my listing?

    To edit your listing, click on it to open it (either on the main page, or your profile page), then click on the “Edit” button.
    You can then edit anything about your listing, as much as you like. Don’t forget to save your changes!
    Note: editing a classified does not put it back on top of the list on the main page.

  • How do I get a closed listing back?

    To recover a closed listing, move over your profile picture to open your profile page. Then click “show also closed”, next to your open listings, and select the listing you want.
    Click “Re-open” to re-activate it: you can now edit it.

  • My listing has vanished.

    You can check all your open listings from your profile page.
    If you listing doesn’t show up, it might be closed (for example, because it is past the expiratory date).
    To display closed listing, click “Show also closed” next to your open listings. You shall find your missing listing.

  • How do I share my classified on social networks?

    There are several ways to share a classified:
    1/ you can use the sharing buttons on the classified’s page, at the bottom of it, right before the public comments area.
    2/ you can use the sharing buttons that stand on the right hand side of the page, staying there all the time, ready to help.
    3/ you can copy/paste the URL of the page you’d like to share in the address bar of your browser: each classified has a dedicated URL of her own!

  • General use, messaging and notifications

  • Why must I sign in?

    It is permitted for anyone to read all classifieds.
    But for messaging and notifications to work properly, we need to have further informations, such as a name and an email address.

  • What languages are available?

    The website is provided in English and French. Your listings are displayed in both languages, except for the open text, like the “Detailed description”, that we do not translate.

    If you wish to sell in several languages, you will have to write those parts in the language of your choice by yourself.

  • Is it possible to sort the results by country or region?

    Results can be displayed on a map, and you can then zoom in the geographical area of your choice.

  • I have a question to ask to a seller.

    You have two different options: you can post a public comment at the bottom of the listing, or send a private message on Aozora’s integrated private messenging system.

  • How do I message a seller?

    On the classified’s page ou the profile page of the seller, just click on the “Contact” button to send a private message to the seller.

  • How do I know if someone messaged me?

    You will notice a red spot in the corner of your profile picture : it will guide you to your messages.

    You can also be notified via email in order not to miss a thing: move over your profile picture > Settings > Notifications.

  • How do I answer to a public comment posted on my listing?

    Simply post another comment below.

  • How do I answer to a message I received?

    Access your inbox by moving over your profile picture in the head-banner.

    Then select the message you want to answer to by clicking it.

  • What is the “Follow” button for?

    When you follow someone you get notified when he posts a new listing.

    To be sure you will not miss his next post, check the setting of your notifications.

  • How do I set notifications?

    Move over your profile picture in the head-banner, then click “Settings”.

    If you are using a mobile device, you might have to click on “Profile info” to make “Notifications” show up.

  • I can’t find the menu on my phone/tablet

    Click onto the “burger menu” (the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of your screen), you will find all what your were missing!